Choosing exterior paint colors can be fun, yet challenging. You need to get it right because this is the first feature people will notice about your home when they visit. Exterior paint color is critical to the curb appeal of your property, which will impact the overall value of your home. Also, exterior painting is a big investment financially. You don’t want to make a mistake, but these steps will help.

1. Decide What Shade You Want

Decide on a shade before a color. Does a light, medium, or dark shade fit your architectural style? The answer to this question will guide the rest of your choices.

2. Consider the Exterior Paint Colors You Already Have

Does your roof have a color or shade? Do you have shutters or trim that you won’t be panting? Consider these colors as part of the overall look of your home. This can help determine your basic color palette. For example, if you have a dark roof with warm undertones, then a warm, light neutral, like tan or cream, might be the right choice for your home’s exterior.

3. Look at the Light

Consider where the sun hits the front of your home. Direct sunlight will make the exterior color look much cooler than it really is, so you will want to choose a shade that is much warmer than your desired color to balance out that effect.

4. Look at Other Homes

Next, look at other homes that are similar in architectural style to yours. Do any really appeal to you? Are you drawn to warm or cool shades? While you may not want to copy another home directly, you can get a good idea of what the possibilities are just by looking around in your community.

5. Limit Yourself to Two to Three Colors

Your roof, exterior paint color, trim, and accents all provide places for color. Try to limit yourself to two to three total colors. If you have too many colors, your home will look cluttered and unattractive. By keeping it simple, you will keep it attractive.

Remember, your investment in an exterior paint job for your Baltimore home is a large one, so you want to choose your colors carefully. By doing your research and considering factors like light and roof color, you can settle on a color that will make your house beautiful.