A good quality exterior paint job can protect your home and last for years. With the proper maintenance in between painting, you can preserve its appearance and longevity helping maintain your home’s curb appeal.

One way to maintain the exterior paint is to check the outside of your home for any spots of mold or mildew. They tend to hide in shady and damp places— so do a thorough inspection a couple times a year.

We recommend an annual spring-cleaning of the entire exterior with a gentle cleanser. However, if you find mildew, we recommend using a mixture of bleach and water (four parts water to one part bleach) or a household cleaner designed to eliminate mildew. In order to protect nearby plants and shrubs, water the area gently before applying the bleach solution. Otherwise, the bleach solution may cause discoloration to the areas that it touches (think: bleach spots on your grass or shrubs).

If you notice that a particular area is prone to mold and mildew, adjusting the surrounding landscape to allow for good air circulation may help reduce these instances.

Pressure washing your house once a year is another option to rid it of any contaminants and keep it clean. Many local hardware stores have pressure washers for rent. Be sure to follow the instructions for proper use on all exterior surfaces as incorrect usage can strip exterior paint and cause damage. Asking a store employee to show you how to operate it properly and understanding all of the recommended guidelines for use is a great step if you are new to pressure washing.

By including the exterior of your home in your spring cleaning routine, you can help keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

We invite you to call us if you have questions regarding the care of your home’s painted exterior. Goode Design Painting & Wallcovering – Quality You Can Trust