What’s New In Interior Paint Trends in 2018?

Interior Paint TrendsIs your home due for new paint? The 2018 interior paint trends have been released, and there are some surprises! Here’s what you need to know about the coming year and its designs and colors.

Black Mixed with Warm and Bold Accents 

Design experts are predicting a dark charcoal color to be the color of the year for interior paint. The overall color palette will be a twilight color palette with dark blues, charcoal and greens, paired with warm yellows and muted pinks to offset the darker colors. This is an interesting progression from the warm neutrals that were popular in 2016 and 2017. This is the first time that a shade of black has been chosen as a color of the year by the top paint companies.

Floor-to-Ceiling Color 

In past years when a bold or dark color was announced as the color of the year, it was seen more as an accent or something to paint a half wall, with a lighter color on top. This is not the case for 2018. This coming year, expect to see these richer, darker colors painted floor-to-ceiling, allowing artwork and decor to take center stage and creating a deep, inviting, comforting space for the homeowners who is looking to escape from a chaotic daily life.

Bold Accents

The color palettes being introduced for 2018 also seem to embrace bold accent colors. Brilliant hues of red, blue and even gold are offset by the deep black of the main color. Green is less prominent this year in favor of teals, blues and reds.

Pink is Making a Comeback

Interestingly, pink is making a comeback in 2018, and not just for little girl’s rooms and nurseries. It’s not uncommon to see pink as an accent color throughout the home, with some even painting cabinets and stairways in this hue. This particular trend is coming directly from Europe, as it was the standout color at the London Design Fair earlier this year.

Teal Taking Center Stage

Finally, for those who want the deep richness of the 2018 trends, but who cannot fathom painting their rooms a deep gray or black, an ocean-inspired deep blue or teal is another hot trend. Jewel-tone blues and teal greens can bring the same comfort as the deep black and gray, but with a bit more color and fun. This year, homeowners are dropping their completely neutral beige and white walls in favor of these bolder hues.

Are you ready to embrace the coming year? Now is the time to think about painting your home, so it will be ready and fashionable when 2018 hits. If you are due for a paint upgrade, consider embracing some of these interior paint trends!