designcenterDon’t let winter weather get you down and feeling blue.  It’s a great time to try some new hues in your home.  Winter is a good time to consider interior residential painting.  Here are some practical and some emotional reasons:

  • With unpredictable Maryland weather, it’s best to plan indoor projects to avoid the rain, snow and cold. Cooler weather is actually good for interior residential painting, because it brings lower humidity, which helps paint dry more evenly.
  • Often, professional interior painters have openings on their calendars for work, because winter is traditionally a slower period. Spring time is the real estate rush and new home decorating season, as is fall, prior to holiday season, so painters tend to book up more quickly.
  • In addition to their contractor pricing on supplies, professional painters may also pass along any cost advantages resulting from sales on current paint lines as manufacturers move to new, spring color lines.
  • While it may be a bit chilly outside, you can comfortably crack a window in the room to ventilate.
  • Choosing a paint color in winter gives you the opportunity to see it with a variety of reflections – sunlight, snow reflections, grayer days. All of these can give the paint a slightly different look in terms of color, and may help you make a decision between the hundreds of shades of “neutral.”
  • Getting your interior residential painting done now will assure you have everything completed for both the upcoming summer months and next holiday season.
  • Having a new look to your home’s interior brightens up your mood if you’ve been staying inside during the long winter cold spell. It also gives you a reason to invite friends to see your newly painted rooms.

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