local paintersOne of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update and add beauty to a home is to give the interior walls a fresh coat of paint.  Hiring local painters to do the job makes it even easier.

Whether you decide to stay with the same color on the walls or go with a totally different hue, fresh paint refreshes and gives a tired room a “pick-me-up.”  Changing the wall colors changes the ambiance in the room.  If you’re painting the whole house at once, it’s almost like getting a new home!  At Goode Design, Painting and Wallcovering, a local painter who has been in business in Harford County for 28 years, homeowners can get design ideas as well as experienced master painters.

“Our business is built on residential custom painting,” says Jason Goode, Vice President.  “From start to finish, it’s all about the customer experience.”

Finding local painters

Goode recommends researching your options when selecting local painters.   If you need a little design help or paint color advice, you might want to consider a company like Goode, who has design expertise as well as professional painters.  “The built-in design part is especially helpful if you are painting more than one room or using more than one paint color in a room,” Goode says.  “A designer’s eye can guide you in choosing paints that complement each other and work with the lighting in your home.”

Jason says the Goode team starts every potential client relationship with a customer visit.  “We take a look at everything.   The amount of work may be more or less than the homeowner thought.  We want to have a good visual of what needs to be done, so we can provide a realistic estimate and time frame,” Goode explains.

After reviewing the customer’s needs, Goode Painting provides a detailed written estimate.  Upon acceptance, they schedule a mutually convenient date for the painting to begin.  As a homeowner, your responsibilities are only to choose and communicate the paint color and brand, and be available to open the door when the painters arrive.  Goode Design, Painting and Wallcovering will do the rest.

It’s Painting Day!

When the Goode crew arrives at your home on the designated day, Goode says they are on time and in uniform.  “They are trained to maintain respect for people’s time and homes.”  The crew will cover floors and furniture in high traffic areas, establish a bathroom for workers’ use and get to work preparing the walls for painting.  Following any prep work of patching chips, nail pops, holes or cracks and sanding them to create a smooth surface, the painters will apply a primer paint.  While recommended but not required for every job, a primer helps to keep the original paint from showing through the new paint.  Careful taping and meticulous edging with the new wall color comes next.  Don’t try to guess whether or not you like the color yet – wait until the entire wall is painted, or better yet, the entire room.  Then, stand back and see the beauty of your home rejuvenated as each room is refreshed with new paint.