paint colors for the workplaceDo you want to truly inspire your employees to give their all? Surprisingly, the answer might be as simple as the paint on the walls! Your paint scheme is about more than just your brand and the overall aesthetic look you are going for. The right paint colors for the workplace can motivate and inspire your employees, making them more productive and inspiring greater creativity.

Why is this? The answer lies in the psychological effects of color, and wall color specifically. If you keep color psychology in mind, you can pick the right paint colors for the workplace to get exactly what you’re looking for out of your employees. Here are some potential goals, and the paint colors that will help you get there.

Stimulate and Energize – Choose Yellows and Oranges 

If your goal is to create energy in the workplace, consider painting in hues of yellow or orange. Yellow, because of its association with the sun and childhood, feels welcoming and happy. Orange generates energy and enthusiasm. Keep in mind, though, that too much of these colors can derail your efforts. Yellow, in large amounts, can create feelings of frustration and anger. Orange may make people more hungry. Consider painting accent walls with these colors to get their beneficial effects without the downsides.

Add Energy and Creativity – Red 

If you want to make your employees more creative and add energy to the workplace, consider using shades of red. Again, this color can be too stimulating, but when used as an accent it can have a positive effect. However, keep it a true red, as crimson can make people feel hostile and pink can be associated with babies, and is best left out of the professional setting.

Calmness and Relaxation – Green and Blue

Looking to help your employees feel calm and relaxed so they can focus on the tasks without unnecessary distractions?  If you calm is your aim, consider shades of blue and green. These are particularly helpful if you have a high-intensity workplace, as blue can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Green can help lessen anxiety and reduce eyestrain, making it a good color choice for an office that uses a lot of computers.

 Avoid Neutrals

Many offices are painted dull gray or bland beige and even stark white. For the workplace this choice of color is ill-advised. These neutral colors can make people feel sad and depressed, which stifles creativity and productivity.   Neutral colors are an option if you are looking to tone down bright colors such as red or yellow.

There are numerous considerations when choosing paint colors for the workplace. Take the time to choose a color that will elicit the response you need and want, and you will enjoy an inspired, creative and energized workforce.