residential painting serviceWhy hire a professional painting service?  Spackling, sanding, taping, edging . . . even before you apply the first coat of paint on the walls, it’s a tedious and meticulous job. Instead of doing it yourself in 2017, consider hiring a professional. You’ll find the results can be very satisfying.

Rather than spending winter weekends prepping and sanding, spend them planning the rest of the room’s design that will complement that fresh coat of paint. A good professional residential painting service will be able to complete the job in a few days, giving you more time to enjoy your home with friends and family. These professionals can also provide ideas or suggestions on accent paints or paint colors within the same color palette to make your room even more attractive.

When hiring a professional painter, consider the following:

  • Previous work – Ask for references from the company. If possible, look at some of the company’s work.
  • Insurance and bonding – Be sure the company is licensed in your state and insured and bonded in case of any accidents or injuries on your property or damage to your property while they are on site.
  • Written estimate – Always get the estimated cost and scope of work for the job in writing. A professional residential painting service will provide a signed copy for your records.
  • Scheduling – Allow enough time to choose your paint colors. If you need help, ask the painter for some suggestions. Be sure that you can be accessible to the painters on the days of the job.

Once they’ve begun painting, don’t judge the color of the paint on one wall. Having the entire room painted will change the hue and the look of the paint color, as light reflects off of the painted walls. Do look for the painter’s attention to detail on corners and between ceiling and wall paint. Look for a silky, smooth paint finish with no brush marks. Make sure the places that have been spackled and sanded are level and flat with the original drywall. If you’ve chosen a darker paint color, be sure there is equal coverage over the entire wall.

When all is completed, sit back and enjoy your gorgeous end result – a room that looks like new!