painting your new homeHow Your Choice In Paint Can Influence the Overall Design of Your New Home

Buying a new home gives you the benefit of a blank canvas to decorate however you see fit. While this is a true benefit, some homeowners find that it can also be a huge challenge. How can you choose what furniture, decor and curtains will be best for your new home? These important decisions will have a tremendous influence on the overall design of your new home, so they are choices to make with great consideration. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices.

Painting Your New Home

Painting your new home will set the stage for the rest of your decorating decisions. Paint color has a tremendous influence both on the look and the feel of your home. In fact, the paint color should be counted as the first step, because it’s from the paint color that your other decorating choices will be influenced.

So what paint color is best? While many homeowners choose paint color based on their favorite color choices, this can end up being a mistake. Sometimes your favorite color isn’t the best one for your tastes and needs, or it may set the wrong mood for your home.

When choosing colors and painting your new home, consider a couple of factors. First, consider the psychology of the colors. You want to create a retreat that will be calming and welcoming. Warm neutrals and most cool colors have this effect. Bright, bold colors, like yellow, red and orange, can actually make people feel more anxious or stressed. If you love those colors, consider painting the home in a more neutral hue, then choosing decor that embraces the bolder colors.

Next, consider the overall flow of your home. While it’s not uncommon to have a different paint color in one room than another, you’ll want to make sure there is a cohesiveness between rooms that visually connect. If your home has an open floor plan, and you wish to use different colors, make sure they coordinate well with one another. This will create a feeling of continuity through your home.

Finally, choose paint colors that can serve as a backdrop for your favorite decorative items. Do you have an heirloom painting you’ll be hanging in your front room? Make sure it coordinates with your paint choice. Is there a favorite couch or lamp you’ll be bringing in to your new home? Again, choose paint colors that will fit.

Add the Decor

Once you have finished painting your new home, build your decor and furnishings around it. Knowing your paint color will help you select furnishings that are a good fit, so you can enjoy a home that feels put together and inspired. Soon you will have a decorated home that fits your tastes and is a tribute to your abilities as a decorator.