What our Customers are Saying

We always appreciate the kind words of our customers. Future clients can also find these words helpful in deciding on a painting contractor. Below are just a few of the many wonderful references we’ve received over the years. If you’d like to add one, feel free.

Sandy Booth

Extra Work - All in the Details

My husband was actually relieved that I had you do the extra work on the outside of the house!

Thanks again!

Mary and Peter Geis

Recommend to Everyone!

Thanks again for everything. Our place looks great! You did such a wonderful job and we will recommend you
highly to everyone we know!

Nellie Grace


Thank you for a quick and efficient paint job. Very neat and professional.


Good Business


Thanks again for taking care of the bubbles. It is always a pleasant surprise these days to run across a good
business person! Thanks.


Professional and Polite

Dear Denny,

Everything looks great! Matt loves his room and I have had several neighbors come in to see a real professional job.
Tony and Bruce did an equally good job. And they were very pleasant and polite! I'll call you when we are ready for
phase 2. Thanks.

Bob and Elaine Williams

House and Deck

Denny Goode,

Thanks for the nice paint job on the house and deck. It turned out nicely.

Bob and Elaine Williams

Amy Feinberg

Beautiful Job

Dear Denny,

Thank you for the beautiful job. If you ever need a reference please have the person call me!

Barb & Lou Sedlok

"Goode" Job

Thank you so much for the "goode" job you did in our kitchen and for the repairing the bathroom border. I'm sorry
we couldn't stay around in case you needed anything. Thanks for locking up behind yourself. It was so nice to come
home and see it all done. Thanks again.

Deb Hamel

Job Well Done

Hello Denny,

Just a note to thank you and your crew for a job well done. I am very pleased with the room and the work that
was done. I would definitely recommend you to anyone. I will be calling you again when I am ready to do the crown
molding. Thanks again.

Jay Braun

Wow Factor!

Dear Denny,

WOW! This was my reaction when I arrived home from work yesterday. Everything looks just fabulous. The
kitchen is absolutely fantastic. The look of contrasting colors we wanted in the family room was certainly
accomplished. The foyer, upstairs, my offices with the ducks - WOW!Thanks again, and I will look forward to
hearing from you about the new proposal. Regards.Jay Braun

Joyce and I wanted to achieve a certain look and feel when the job was completed. Considering our previous
experience, we know that quality paint and wallpaper do not guarantee quality workmanship. In your case, you
completed the job ahead of schedule, your crew was neat and courteous and your workmanship was simply
outstanding. I don't know what more we can say but, thank you.

Speaking of ducks, we looked over your proposal and determined you forgot to estimate the installation of the
duck border. The enclosed check reflects some additional money to cover the duck border. I hope you find it

Joyce also mentioned that she talked to you about painting the outside trim, the fence, and the deck. We are
certainly interested in a proposal fro this new job. We are not sure if now would be an appropriate time, or if
spring of next year would be better. Please feel free to call and discuss the situation and your recommendation.

Thanks again, and I will look forward to hearing from you about the new proposal. Regards.

Rick Redett

Painting and Crown Molding - Out of Town


Becky and I are very happy with the painting and crown molding. The house looks super. Living in another
country while you were working on the house was a breeze. Your frequent progress reports and your professional
demeanor led us to have no worries while we were away. Thanks for the great work. If you ever need a reference,
we will certainly give you and your crew an outstanding recommendation.

Ann Gunning

Job Well Done!

GREAT JOB!! I was very pleased when I saw Elliott Street on Wednesday, and took a look at the paint job!
The property hasn't looked that good for 10 years! Your crew was very thorough and neat-I saw no spots on
the new carpet (just as you had promised!)

Thanks for a job well done!

Gordon and Gabi Nevison

Dark Colors, High Ceilings

Dear Denny,

Gordon and I wanted to let your know how thrilled we are with the extensive interior paint job your paint crew
did for us.

We appreciate the challenge your team was faced with considering our darker than usual color selections,
combined with light colored trim, crown moldings, and 24 foot high ceilings! We are extremely happy with their
painting skills that ensured a very aesthetically pleasing result.

Ken Grebe's crew members, namely, Rob March and Joe Shifflit were professional in every aspect arriving on
time with positive attitudes that did not diminish throughout the day. Each is to be commended for their skill,
courtesy, and tidy work habits.

We will highly recommend your services to anyone we know who is looking for quality work