Considering painting cabinets in your kitchen?  Kitchens are the cornerstone to homeowner satisfaction and what most home buyers identify as a key interior feature for which they are willing to pay additional money. Cabinets are at the heart of a kitchen’s overall curb appeal and function. So, what do you do when tasked with deciding if you should paint your existing cabinets or pay to replace them? Consider these three questions before you make a decision.

The first question to ask yourself is “Are the kitchen cabinets functional as is?”. If the kitchen possesses some design flaws, it may be wise to consider replacing the cabinets and make some changes to improve the kitchen’s overall function. There is no sense in painting cabinets that do not create a smart workflow for users.

Another crucial question to ask is “What is the condition of the cabinets?”. If the cabinets are in poor shape, painting them may not garner the results which you are looking. Painting can provide a major face-lift for cabinets, but it can not compensate for worn, broken or cabinets in disrepair. Surprisingly enough, older cabinets in good condition may be perfect candidates for painting because they were made with durable materials and will continue to last over time.

The final question to consider is the budget. What is the cost of new cabinets in comparison to the home’s resale value? Does it make sense to make a sizable investment? That answer can help determine what path you choose. You may consider painting cabinets as a more cost effective way to improve your kitchen’s overall look without spending more money than you will recoup during resale. Keep in mind how long you plan to stay in your home and even seek the advice of a trusted real estate agent to help you gauge your home’s worth with and without the kitchen renovations.

Finally, what most of the experts do agree on, is hiring a professional to help you paint or reface your cabinets. There are many factors, like removing the cabinets’ finish, which can affect the overall finished look. Trust a professional painting service to provide their expertise so that you get the result you want.