residential home painterA residential home painter can help guide you with the latest trends in colors and textures. Paint colors and combinations available and trending in 2017 are heavily influenced by predictions and rollouts from the Pantone company. This color predictive business recently highlighted some of the top expected paint trends for 2017. According to Pantone, some of the biggest impacts on color for homes in 2017 come from the movies, with the Star Wars franchise leading an interest in metallic, grays and reds, while the more cheerful palette of Disney’s Inside Out remains popular with those who like rooms and colors to evoke particular emotions. Pantone’s top picks for 2017 include:

  • Day Dreaming – Airy and lightweight pastels designed to help you de-stress at home after a long, busy day. These pastels are clean and fresh, not babyish, and include soft pinks, yellows, blues, and greens.
  • At Ease – Pale shades of gray which are heavily influenced by other hues, this sophisticated palette is ideal for formal and modern spaces.
  • Florabundant – Bursting with the rich, dramatic hue of a colorful floral arrangement this saturated palette is ideal for making a big impact in small spaces. From a guest bath to an accent wall, dramatic shades of Red Dahlia and Chrysanthemum will make even utilitarian spaces pop.
  • Acquired Taste – Is comprised of high contrast blends of colors, heavy on the orange and gold, with a dash of green. This high energy,  eclectic palette isn’t for everyone, but if you like a bit of boho in your décor and enjoy high-octane prints and patterns, this palette is perfect for your home.
  •  Forest Bathing –  Almost every color trend and palette predicted this year includes green accents, but Forest Bathing is awash in stress busting, contemplative shades of the woods. A heavy Japanese influenced palette combined with Grape and Lime accents, this is ideal for spa baths, outdoor living areas and anywhere you want a relaxing getaway.
  • Reminiscence – A dash of sepia, mixed with a muted touch of color. This flattering palette seems to have come right out of an old photo album. Rich and charming without being dated, Reminiscence combines deep, warm sepia and umber with more modern robin’s egg blue for a stunning effect in any living space.
  • Raw Materials – Heavily inspired by recycling and reusing modern materials, this natural palette incorporates textures to great effect. A few pops of color on an otherwise neutral setting make this palette ideal for bedrooms, living spaces and more.
  • Graphic Imprints – High energy black and white combines with bold colors and graphics, often geometric elements to make a statement. Not for the weak of heart, these colors will get you moving and help you remain alert and active.

The most popular palettes and trends for 2017 feature either bold splashes of color or subtle, modern neutrals. More than any other shades, both vivid bright and stylish neutrals require expert level preparation – flaws or mistakes in application will really stand out in virtually every palette shared by Pantone in 2017. A professional residential home painter can help you incorporate one or more of these trending palettes into your own home and ensure you get a look you’ll love that is right on trend. Contact us to learn more about incorporating these trending styles into your home and to find out how easy it is to get a fresh new look you’ll love.

A residential home painter can help you find just the right palette for your home.  Contact us for more information.