residential painting servicesIt’s time to paint your home.  Maybe it’s an exterior project or perhaps an interior project.  You debate whether to tackle the paint job on your own or hire a professional.

There are many reasons you should consider hiring a residential painting services company.  Below are a few of the top considerations on why you should leave your home in the hands of a professional.

Project Preparation:

If you have ever tackled a painting project on your own, you are likely aware of how involved the prep work can become.   Often, an amateur can spend hours debating how to prepare the surfaces before the painting begins.  A professional residential painter is trained and knowledgeable on the best methods to properly prepare the area to be painted.  This preparation includes washing the area to be painted;  removing stains, pen or crayon marks; removing loose paint; patching holes and cracks; proper sanding of painted surfaces as needed including removing the resulting dust; and protecting the areas to be painted with tape and drop cloths.  Each of these steps is crucial to ensure the beauty of the finished project.

Time Savings:

How valuable is your time?  While a residential painting services contractor may be able to complete your project in a day or two, the amateur painter the same project is likely to take much longer.  The prep work alone can take an amateur as long to complete as the professionals take for the entire project.

Stress Relief:

Hiring a professional can take the stress out of the project, leaving you to enjoy the results!

Expert Advice:

Hiring a residential painting services company helps to ensure you have the guidance you need when choosing the right colors, finish, and textures for your project.  With years of experience, the professional painter offers great insight into probable outcomes for your choices.  This expert advice is invaluable to help ensure your project is completed beautifully and professionally enhancing the beauty and value of your home.

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